East Bay Psychiatry
& Associates

East Bay Psychiatry & Associates is an interdisciplinary practice.  We work together from several different backgrounds; medicine, psychology, and social work for the benefit of the patients.  We treat ages four and up and use a wide variety of therapeutic techniques and styles.  We match the approach to the needs of the patient.

General office hours are 8-5, Monday through Thursday and 8-1200 noon Friday.  Some arrangements can be made for evening appointments.  For emergencies, there is always a physician on call through Thomas Hospital.  

Our doctors and therapists are on a wide variety of insurance panels.  We suggest you call the Mental Health/Member Services number listed on the back of your insurance card to clarify and coordinate benefits.  

Our providers take patients on a case by case basis.  Please complete our New Patient Information Packet and return in person during the above business hours.  Please allow 2-3 business days for review.    

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.at (251) 928-4750